Tips to Market Your Online Business Locally

6 Best Tips on How to Market Your Online Business Locally

If you have an online work-from-home business that you would like to market locally, or you just need to know how to market your online business, then this post will help you.

For every business to thrive and be seen, there has to be an effective way of communicating to your audience.

Many online businesses have access to a broad reach through digital marketing while neglecting and underserving the local client base.

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How Do You Improve Your Presence on Google?

As of now, more than 60% of search traffic comes from mobile. While targeting local clients for your online business, your first step is to ensure that you are on Google.

Google allows for location service integration, a prominent feature that is a prerequisite to market your business online by establishing your local presence.

Ensure that you take care of the following while improving your presence on Google.

  • Manage all online reviews that customers share about your business
  • Ensure that your Google My Business lists your business with all the important details
  • Optimize your content with local keywords
  • Ensure that you maintain an active social media presence
  • Make sure that your website is mobile friendly

1. Use the Right Details for Your Business

Google’s local search function is similar to the regular search. The only difference is that for a local result, Google shows a map with the businesses close to your audience.

To effectively market your online business locally, you have to get the following details right when listing it on Google;

  • The full name of your business
  • Contact details
  • Opening hours
  • Any other relevant information

With all these details captured and indexed on Google, you have a better chance at appearing in the local results.

Tip: Include your keyword in the Full Name and description of your business. You will rank better for the proper keywords especially if your brand is still growing.

2. Register in Local Business Directories and Niche Listing Sites

Registering your online business on Google My Business should be your first step. Here, you can input your information about your business and the services/ products you offer.

While listing on Google My Business and other local directories, ensure that you use the exact keywords that your audience searches for when looking for a solution.

Business directories such as Yelp, and Glassdoor allow you to register your business and receive feedback and reviews from your customers, which is a great opportunity that you could use to market your online business locally.

3. Keep Your Website Updated

Updating your website with content regularly helps Google in identifying you as a reliable source of information.

Not only will your authority grow, but other websites will start using your content for reference and linking to you.

This will help greatly as keywords that target the local market on your site will rank more, and ultimately lead to more customers.

Updating your website regularly with content will also help in building your brand. As more people interact with your content, your brand will be recognized more by prospective customers and you will effectively market your online business.

4. Embracing Local SEO

Your understanding of local SEO will influence how you market your online business locally. Local SEO helps you in emphasizing your presence within your locality.

By emphasizing the presence of your business in your locality, more people in need of your services will find you.

Effective local SEO involves the use of a mix of keywords that are often used by people looking for your services in your local area.

For example, your SEO practice may include a combination of keywords and location name (such as “Best Smartphone Shop” in “Your Location.”) You can also use a combination of keywords with landmarks that local people identify with (Such as “Best Smartphone shop NEAR location.”)

Other local SEO tips include using a localized domain name that denotes your country only. You can also add a country-specific subdomain within your website. Google Webmaster Tools can also help in geo-locating your website effectively

5. Geotarget Your Adverts on Google and Facebook

If you want to market your online business locally through advertisements, geotargeting the ads is important. You can narrow down the exposure of your ads to ensure that they only appear in your preferred location.

Targeting prospects who are looking for services/ products in a particular area ensures that your ads are spent on giving you maximum exposure locally. In addition, you save on your ad-spend by limiting your reach to the right audience only.

Geotargeting on Facebook and Google ads is vital as it helps audiences to pinpoint your exact location, as well as make it easy for search engines to rank you more on local search results.

6. Use Social Media to Market your Online Business Locally

The final step to effectively market your online business locally and ensure visibility to your audience is through the use of social media.

Use the social media platforms that are effective for your business. Put effort in building your presence by connecting with local people, posting regularly, and sharing your products.

You can use social media automation tools, that help you in sharing your content automatically. This reduces time spent on sharing and managing your social media channels.

For example, ContentStudio is a social media automation tool that I use for all my social media channels. Not only does it help in sharing posts, but it also helps me manage all comments and inbox messages from one platform. Get 60%off on ContentStudio now.

Social media helps to validate your online business as a dependable entity and showcase reviews of customers who have enjoyed using your products or services.


While most local businesses fail at marketing locally, these tips will help you in not only building your reputation as a dependable online business, but it will also reduce your need for constant ad expenses. The ability to market your online business locally will also help you connect with clients who are in urgent/ immediate need of your products or services. That way, you will spend less on nurturing prospects into sales.

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