Here are 11 Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog in 2021

How to Easily Monetize Your Blog in 2021: 11 Best Ways

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How many things have you had to learn all by yourself as a new blogger?

Many, I reckon?

Well, welcome…

Welcome to the intimidating world where learning new stuff and figuring things out, is the order of the day.

Starting from finding the right niche, choosing the best domain, settling on a web hosting service; and figuring out your WordPress theme, I dare say that you’ve come a long way.

Ever since you started this blogging journey, you have been under constant pressure to figure out stuff, all by yourself.

And if you were lucky enough to buy a blogging course, it must have been easier for you. Except that even with a coursebook to play by, there’s always something waiting to creep you, along your new business blogging journey.

So, if you want to cross out one more problem on your blogging journey checklist, this article will help know how to monetize your blog.

Of course, there will be more to worry about along the way such as generating traffic to your business blog, but let’s first help you settle this blog monetization problem once and for all.

If you are reading this article on how to monetize your blog, it’s likely that your blog falls in the bracket of fewer than 1,000 visitors a month and is still growing.

Though it takes grit and time to make a significant income through your blog, it’s never too early to know how to monetize your blog. In fact, the earlier you know how to do it, the better for your new blogging business.

1. How to Monetize Your Blog through offering services

There are many services, which you could provide as a way of monetizing your blog.

By giving your readers and prospects direct access to your knowledge/ services/ products, you can make a good income even when your blog traffic is low.

One way of using this monetization method is offering services that are part of your blogging niche.

The Penny Matters is a blog that focuses on making money online through blogging and freelancing. This site offers a blog management service to seasoned blogs that need extra help in content creation and marketing

Freelancer Kenya– Walter Akolo is an iconic blogger who shares freelancing insights through his blog. He monetizes his blog through both freelance content writing, and providing coaching services to new freelancers.

2. Promote and sell related products to your audience

You can sell both digital and physical products as a way of monetizing your blog. As a beginner blogger, selling digital products could be a great way for you to monetize your blog, compared to selling physical products.

Graphic Mama is a website that uses digital products as a monetization strategy. It’s one of the best places on the web where you can buy animated characters for your online illustrations.

There are many services that you can offer as part of your blog monetization strategy.

3. Displaying Ads Through Ad Networks

the top 11 ways to monetize your blog (1)
11 best ways to monetize your blog for new bloggers

There’s a lot of hate on ads in the blogging community at large, as they may not generate a decent income on low traffic sites.

However, the reality is that ads work and are a great way to start monetizing your blog. You may not make as much money while starting, but you can definitely get enough to cover your hosting fees

Most people who are new to blogging only know of Google AdSense as the only way to monetize a blog. The thing is, there are plenty of other ad networks who provide better revenue than AdSense.

Many ad display networks have pre-qualification requirements that limit access only to bloggers with high amounts of traffic. Others accept new bloggers and may not have any traffic barriers in place.

Which ad campaign network you join is up to you, but you should test with several ad networks to identify what works best for you.

You can check out AdSterra, Infolinks, or Propeller Ads. I have been testing them for a while now and they all seem solid for new bloggers.

4. Monetize through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you monetize your content and start making money on your blogging business

It’s impossible to talk about the various ways on how to monetize your blog without mentioning affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is popular today, and a study done by Business Insider indicates that 15 percent of the revenue generated by digital media is made through recommending products or services from other companies.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways that can help you monetize your blog even with minimal traffic. You don’t have to focus your energy in developing a new product/ service.

Although affiliate marketing can work for small audiences, you wouldn’t expect to make tons of money in affiliate marketing right from the start. You will have to work consistently in building a follower-base that trusts your recommendations.

Here are some of the affiliate networks that help me in finding products that I can promote;

You can also become a direct affiliate partner to companies that run affiliate programs such as:

You can start monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing by doing the following;

  • Reach out to a company that sells products/ services related to your blog
  • Check out company websites for affiliate programs that you can join directly
  • Sign up on Affiliate networks such as Shareasale and WarriorPlus

5. Direct Advertising

Direct advertising on your website is very helpful if you are looking to monetize your blog fast

Direct advertising is a blog monetization strategy that involves engaging transactionally with other businesses and advertisers in placing advertisements on your blogs.

With direct advertising, you can monetize your blog through

  • Text links
  • Banner ads

You may be well off managing text links manually so that they can seem natural in your content, and contribute positively to SEO.

Banner ads are a different story, however, and you can manage them with software such as Openads.

Display ads can give your blog some competitive income compared to pay-per-click ads, which can only bring in a significant income to your blog if you have high amounts of traffic (10,000 visitors per day or more).

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways that you can use to monetize your blogging business. However, you will first work on building a list.

You can use a lead magnet or blog updates to help get email sign-ups using popular email marketing tools such as ActiveCampaign, and Ontraport. These email marketing tools help in creating systems that you need to start email marketing.

Upon building a relationship with your subscribers, you can then market your products and services, and other affiliate offers directly through email. Generally, you can expect $1 per subscriber per month.

7. Selling e-books

Ebooks can easily help you monetize your blog for cheap

E-books are a great way to monetize a blog even with low traffic. Work on an e-book that is aligned with your blog content.

If you are able to capture a solution/ a skill that people struggle with, then your e-book might bring in good profits in no time.

You can then create a promotional material (banners and content) on your blog to promote the e-book, or you could build a sales funnel to automate the selling of your e-book.

Check out Designrr a fabulous tool that helps you design your e-book in minutes! use this link to get a Standard Designrr lifetime account for $27 only.

8. Selling Coaching Services

Coaching services are a necessity in every market today and selling your coaching services is a great opportunity to monetize your blog.

People want detailed instructions that can only be obtained through coaching. Coaching is crucial in helping other people fast-track their success journey.

With a coaching program that is well curated, a handful of clients can bring in a significant amount of income for you.

Ensure that you anticipate objections, and make the sign up/purchase process easy.

9. Offer Paid Membership Plans

Monetize your blog through paid membership
Membership Pro Plugin: Screenshot

Subscription model businesses are popular currently, and the new term “Subscription Economy,” is an indication that offering membership plans on your blog should be a great monetization strategy.

The subscription economy is built on membership services that offer recurring subscriptions for accessing a product or service.

Essentially, membership plans for a blogging business involve providing access to services or products through a membership site.

The amazing thing with the internet is that, you are assured of finding people with similar interests as you have. Everyone is part of a group and you can always find other people in the world, who share your interests.

From orchid lovers to pet owners, there are countless niches that you can explore to start a paid membership plan as a monetization strategy for your business blog.

As long as you are targeting a group of dedicated people who have money, you can create a membership site for literally anything.

For example, knife lovers who are enthusiastic about collecting camping knives are willing to spend on the best knife that will be useful to them while camping.

When managing membership sites on WordPress, I recommend that you use the following services;

  • LearnDash
  • Ultimate Membership Pro
  • MemberPress

Build relationships with other bloggers and websites

Understand that monetization is a gradual process that takes time (months/ years)

10. Monetize Your Blog Through Consultancy

Consultancy is also an easy and effective blog monetization strategy
Consultancy online

If you have professional or specialist authority in your blogging niche, then you can monetize your blog through consultancy services.

When your blog is low and there aren’t so many options for getting traffic, consultancy can easily turn out to be a great monetization strategy.

How can you generate income on your blog through consulting?

  1. You turn your visitors into email subscribers. You can use a tool such as, to create a popup with a compelling offer- such as a free download, 7-day free course, checklist, etc.
  2. Push your email subscribers into a nurturing email series using an email marketing tool such as Ontraport or ActiveCampaign.
  3. Once you have shown immense value and thought leadership to your subscribers, give your audience a chance to book a call with you. Calendly will help you book the calls- and your consulting business will be set rolling.

11. Selling Online Courses

Course creation is also a great way to monetize your blog

Selling online courses is one of the best ways for bloggers to monetize their blogs. Even with low traffic, you can generate traffic on autopilot by selling a course on something that your readers are struggling to solve.

Before creating a course, research your audience to understand if your course would be of interest to them. If you find interest, build out the skeleton and see if people are interested in paying for it. Otherwise, you may spend time and resources on a course that people are not interested in buying.

A great example is Caitlyn Pyle of Proofread Anywhere who talks about freelance proofreading. She sells proofreading training and grammar courses as her blog monetization strategy.


While it’s easy to start a blog, most new bloggers struggle on how to monetize it. Blogging alone doesn’t generate income unless you have a working monetization strategy.

You may also have realized, in the course of this article, that you don’t necessarily need tons of traffic to monetize your blog. Rather, you need to find out the numbers that will prove your monetization strategy a success for your blogging business.

Most new bloggers fail to appreciate that people will only give you their money if your products/ services are of great value to them.

Work on creating great content and draw readers to your website. In the end, by knowing how to monetize your blog, you will start earning off the hard work of putting together a great business blog that provides value to your readers.