ContentStudio Review by HomeIncomeGenius. Best social media automation tool in 2020

ContentStudio Review- Stunning Social Media Marketing Tool

ContentStudio is a content marketing and social media management tool that combines the power of discovering content with social media scheduling and sharing. As a tool that helps you to discover and publish content, Is this tool worth using? This in-depth ContentStudio review walks you through every feature, pros and cons, and pricing. Also, check out for the ContentStudio Special Deal!.

If you are out and about, thinking of getting a social media automation tool that will help you grow your business, then this ContentStudio review is going to be helpful for you.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links that I get a commission for, at no cost to you. However, I only review tools, programs, and services that I have used or actually tested, and which I feel are worth recommending to our readers. Please read the full affiliate disclosure.

This low-key social media automation tool that at first glance, doesn’t seem to offer much, is just about to thoroughly impress you.

Fair warning- This is a sure steal, if that’s all you want to hear from a real ContentStudio software user.

The automation especially, coupled with a robust AI content curator will blow you away. It’s a fresh modern (like 2020 modern), updated for social sharing, and a great steal from the dominant-yet sluggish veterans such as HootSuite and Buffer.

Here’s a review of Content Studio, detailing all its features, and benefits. I use it for my social media sharing after picking it up for a crazy lifetime discount some 2 months ago.

Get the limited lifetime discount right now before its too late.

Why Do You Need an Automation Tool for Your Social Media?

Social media automation using  ContentStudio software helps you to reduce time spent on social media. This ContentStudio review shares more about social media automation
Social media automation

There are many types of social media automation tools available in the market today.

While they all serve niched purposes, their basic function is to help you reduce the time you spend on social media while driving traffic to your online business.

Social media management is time-consuming. Automation tools will help you on content sharing. That way, you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Of course, you can’t leave all your social media management to your tools. You don’t want to appear impersonal to your audience. It’s important to keep a personal touch on your social media, even with the haters.

Social media automation tools come in handy for content curation and regular sharing. Also, you benefit from scheduling your posts and tweets about your new blog posts. And still, you can do this without sounding robotic and impersonal.

Content Studio Review

You may have noticed it, but I love the whole vibe about ContentStudio. And this is not just for anything else, but the power you get with it ???.

It’s what you can achieve with Content Studio, at it’s pricing point- compared to veteran household names like CoSchedule, Buffer, and Hootsuite- that will make you want to have it.

1.     App and Account Set-up

Signing up on ContentStudio helps you to automate your social media management and content marketing. Read more on this ContentStudio Review

The first thing you need is to access Content Studio. Use this link to access their lifetime crazy deal so that you can walk through all the features with me.

Alright? Let’s go!

Step 1 is to set up and activate your account. This is the first step where you onboard and integrate your business with ContentStudio. This is pretty straightforward- where you put your business name, email, and then receive a welcome email with details to create your new password.

Once you verify your email address and are logged in successfully, ContentStudio will now load on their get started page. Get started and follow the prompts.

2.     Workspaces

ContentStudio gets a 10/10 for organization. If you are running multiple businesses, you can create a workspace for each of the businesses you are running. The workspace is like a dashboard-within-a-dashboard.

ContentStudio workspace are an important part of how this social media automation tool works.
ContentStudio Workspace

Q: What’s a Workspace on ContentStudio?

Ans: A workspace is like a room within your ContentStudio account. Every workspace is going to be a separate room for a business. This means that workspaces allow you to host different businesses on your single ContentStudio account. That’s pretty neat, right?

To create a workspace, you will need to fill in the details for your Workspace Name, Workspace slug, Time zone, and Workspace logo.

If you don’t have a specific slug, don’t worry about this step. The slug autogenerates as you key in the name of your workspace.

3.     Discover

This is a content discovery feature in ContentStudio, where you can find content based on topics that you follow.

There are two subsections on the discovery feature:

  • Search Topics
  • Explore Topics

The discovery tool is ContentStudio’s powerhouse. The feature allows you to discover share-worthy content that is trending content and relevant for your audience.

By searching topics, you curate and monitor content from several sources. All you need to do is discover the content using the instant search bar.

Discovery feature on ContentStudio allows social media managers to find relevant content from the web easily.

You can search content from custom or pre-defined topics in the already curated explore topics subsection. Content Studio is similar to BuzzSumo, only with better features and integrations.

  • Niche Content

While you access Discovery content without any configurations through the explore topics feature, you can get more specific results with niche content using the search topics feature. Simply specify the sites where you wish to discover the niche content from, and start following.

  • Sources

To add a content source,

Go to your profile by clicking your image at the top right. Click “Sources”.

Sources section in the Discovery features provides more powerful curation of topics on ContentStudio
Sources Section on Content Studio

ContentStudio has millions of sites and RSS feed libraries. You can add a new source to custom topics by clicking the “New Source” button. You will then get a second pop-up.

Here, you can manually specify a content source in three ways

  1. Adding a domain/keyword
  2. Adding RSS feed URL
  3. Uploading your OPML/ TEXT file

The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your sources is through using RSS feed URL.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication), is a format of syndicating content on the web. With this, ContentStudio will fetch ALL future blog posts from your source.

If you aren’t as much tech savvy, OPML/ TEXT file may not be as useful to you. If you would want to search for content sources through OPML/TEXT file,


Publishing on ContentStudio is made passible through three execution stages: Composer, Planner, and Automation
Publish Feature- ContentStudio

This is the publishing section on ContentStudio. It allows you to instantly share or schedule content for your blog/ social media.

There are three sections on the Publish Feature

  • Composer- Where you create and distribute content on your blog and social channels
  • Planner- where you gain a visual aspect of all the content scheduled for your social channels and blog
  • Automation- an automation powerhouse that lets you re-purpose used content in more than 7 different ways

Composer Section

Choose the destination of your content; between social media and blog post.

How to Publish Social Media Posts on ContentStudio:

  1. On your dashboard, click the “publish” button at the top of your page. It will lead you to the publishing section.
  2. On the publish page, you will see two options. You can either post to your social media channels, or publish directly on your blog as a blogpost.
  3. For sharing on social media, click on and select the social media accounts you wish to post. You can then create the text, add hashtags and links, and insert images as well.
  4. After creating your post, you can either publish or schedule.

There are 4 options for posting your content.

The 4 options for posting the content you want to share on your social media using ContentStudio.
Publishing options on ContentStudio

Post Now- this option allows you to send your posts immediately after creating them. On this option, you can set your content for repeat-posting.

Schedule– Here, you add your post to a future time slot. This option also allows repeat-posting.

Queue– the option allows a post to be marked for sharing at the next open slot in the calendar. To change the timings for the queue posting, go to settings > social accounts >change queue schedule.

Evergreen Queue– This option allows you to add posts to your evergreen campaigns. Evergreen campaigns are social media posts that repeat at specific intervals. Set them up and “forget”.

One of the interesting features on ContentStudio is the repeat feature. You can repost content on all platforms, except for Twitter. You can set a post to be repeated several times a week, every few weeks, or even every month.

Planner Section

As indicated, this section allows you to see when your scheduled posts will be distributed. Here, you will see the social channel selected, the actual post scheduled, and the date and time of sharing.

Automation Section

ContentStudio has 7 “recipes’ of automation, which you can use to create customized campaigns for your social channels using rules and filters as your needs dictate.

Automation is a big part of ContentStudio. In this ContentStudio full review, we share more on how this social media automation tool allows you to automate your social media marketing.
Automation Options
  • Automation 1- Use smart rules and filters to determine the article links you share on your social channels
  • Automation 2- RSS Feed to Social Media- share RSS feed content to your social channels
  • Automation 3- Recycle evergreen content, perpetually, for increased engagement
  • Automation 4- Use data csv imports to upload and schedule multiple content posts
  • Automation 5- Share videos to your social media channels using smart rules and filters
  • Automation 6- Use filters and smart rules to share articles to your blogs
  • Automation 7- Use filters and smart rules to share videos to your blog

ContentStudio Pricing

Pricing is one of the key reasons why I chose ContentStudio over other social media marketing tools. Besides stellar features, ContentStudio provides you with multiple plans to help in growing your business.

Here is a screenshot of all the plans that you will find on ContentStudio

ContentStudio Pricing is more competitive than other social media automation tools such as Buffer and Hoosuite.


Link Shorteners- ContentStudio allows you to use naked links where you don’t need to rack or shorten. However, if you prefer using link shorteners and track your links, the tool also allows you this integration. You can use either the native link shortener (,, or

Texts pinners– If you want to spin content before posting it on your blog, ContentStudio allows integration with text spinning tools. Integrating with some spinners may require API keys.

Update: ContentStudio has stopped integrating with spinning tools, owing to redundancy of content spinners.

Pocket– You can directly integrate ContentStudio with Pocket. Pocket is a tool that allows you to store online content online, offline. Pocket is a great asset in content creation.

Replug– Replug allows you to add a call-to-action on the links you share. This way, readers can connect with your business, either through a phone call or on the web.

Replug is a re-targeting feature that helps you in creating custom audiences from people who click your posts.

Connect Feedly– This is a feed reader that helps in curating content in a single click, on   ContentStudio. Content will now show up on Feedly and you can add it up into your content sharing schedule.

Why ContentStudio

In summary, ContentStudio is modern, feels cleaner in design, and its more intuitive. Still, there is more to ContentStudio in functionality.

ContentStudio software is a social media automation tool that will help you develop solid content marketing for your business
Why ContentStudio

As I had indicated earlier, while starting this ContentStudio Review, I indicated that I am an actual user of the tool. Here are the main reasons why I chose the tool over other apps.

  1. The workspace- Not only is this feature fascinating, but it’s also mind blowing. If you are running social campaigns for multiple businesses, workspaces are the deal behind neatness. Each business has it’s workspace.
  • Empowering on focus- If you need to focus on a particular social channel, then ContentStudio is your power game. Thanks to this tool, I now have full focus and efficiency on LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • It’s an all in one platform- I no longer have to own several tools for my different social channels. ContentStudio has it all in one space. In addition, I can still optimize posts and personalize for different social channels, in one place.

To top it off, the blogging feature is a great still… I no longer have to keep logging to my WordPress if I want to post an article on my blog post.

  • Pricing plans- Compared to other social media automation tools, this tool provides a better and more powerful alternative.
  • Content curation and automation functions are brilliant and effective. Other social media tools lack these features.
  • Content discovery is a great resource of fresh content
  • Easy integration with third-party apps such as linkers and content spinners, give ContentStudio users a crazy advantage in their automation game.

Tips for Successful Automation on ContentStudio

Social media automation tools are there to help you share new and fresh content at all times. They are not spam tools.

It’s one thing not posting often, and another when you bombard your audience with your content every few minutes!

Choking your audience on social media with a post every 5 minutes will be counterproductive to your social media marketing strategy.

Not only will your audience unfollow you, but social media algorithms may also reduce your reach.

It’s therefore important to make use of intelligent social media automation tools. These tools help you post without being intrusive in your audience’s social space.

Vary your types of content and the time you post. Play around with hashtags and headlines. Test what works and what’s not working. That way you can adjust and start scheduling successfully.

Your aim is to find a balance in the types of posts you share and the time you post- to achieve naturalness. And it takes time before you achieve that “natural feel” on your social media content.


ContentStudio is the go-to social media automation tool for everyone who needs a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use tool. With the automation recipes, you get a full suite of AI- powered solution for finding, scheduling, and posting content- on autopilot.

Without having to break your bank, the aim of this ContentStudio review was to help you know more about a tool that offers you superior features compared to more-expensive traditional tools such as Buffer and HootSuite. The support is also superb, and always ready to help any challenges while using the software.

Get the ContentStudio special 50% offer now and enjoy managing all of your social media and blog content in one place.

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