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I started the HomeIncomeGenius blog as a project to help my friends access resources that could help them start a work from home business.

I started working online a year after joining university, and fast realized how vast the opportunities of making a decent living were to me.

Contrasting between the vast availability for opportunities online with the competitive and saturated field of employment that I was headed to, I didn’t struggle to make the choice of fully switching to pursue working online.

6 years down the line, my resolve has been all the more stronger, and my income has grown steadily to levels where, I believe, none of my peers is earning close to what I do online.

It’s been years since I left campus, and you possibly wouldn’t believe it if I told you that I’ve never gone for an interview or worked any corporate job.

I wake up everyday, switch on my laptop, and get to work on my own projects, without having to worry about a boss breathing down my neck.

The journey hasn’t been as rosy as it sounds. It’s work to create an online business. Working from home businesses have nothing to do with MLMs or joining shady networking organizations. It’s all about creating a real business that solves people’s problems and provides a platform for making money.

Working from home requires you to be the CEO, the project manager, the salesman, the marketer, the janitor, and the handiman.

It sounds overwhelming and it often is, especially when bootstrapping without any initial startup funds.

Many people also struggle with creating a work from home business because they don’t know where to start. There seems to be thousands of opportunities everywhere, and all seem to be shiny.

These are some of the problems that led me to creating HomeIncomeGenius.

My interest lies in making easy, the processes involved in creating an online business, and showing you how it’s done. I also create a lot of resources to help you know what you should be focusing on as you work on creating an online business.

Lastly, I do my best to share recommendations and insights that can help you grow your work from home business fast, and start generating revenue and profits in the shortest possible time. It’s a bummer if you run a business that doesn’t pay your bills, that’s why we strive to help you get started and get profitable in the shortest time possible.

HomeIncomegenius will help you know how to start a work from home business, teach you how to build a personal brand for your online business, and show you how to drive traffic to your online business, and monetize your business for profitable gains.

Through the work of this blog, you will learn the following about running your own online business and working from home;

  • Turning your knowledge and expertise into a full work from home business
  • Choosing a niche to serve people
  • Identifying a problem/ challenge that you could capitalize on
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Finding the niche where you can easily find your target audience
  • Creating a business blog around the problems you wish to solve
  • Driving traffic to your business blog
  • Monetizing your blogging business through multiple channels
  • Creating products and services that appeal to your audience
  • Creating product stacks that increase your profit margins
  • Creating communities around your products and services and finding ways that can help you earn money through promoting complementary services and products from other work from home business owners

For any questions, comments and feedback, feel free to reach us and contact me.

To your success,

Samuel Mutahi W.