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Best Financial Literacy Apps for Millennials and Young Adults

This list of best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults will help you know apps that could immediately help you figure your personal finances.

When creating this list, I focused on apps that can help you budget and plan for your money. I also focused on finding apps that are easy to use and that help you know how to set you up for financial success.

The apps listed here will help you know more about managing and planning for your finances.

While the rest of the world thinks millennials and young adults don’t know how to find their way in the world, being in control of our money can really set us apart.

What is Financial Literacy

Essentially, financial literacy is the knowledge of and ability to use financial skills effectively in investing, planning, and managing your money.

Millennials and young adults now have access to knowledge and technology that helps in learning more about personal finance.

What’s even better is that many of these literacy apps are made with young adults and millennials in mind.

This is a great benefit to most of us who wish to know more about finances and cultivate healthy financial habits.

Here’s a list of the best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults.

Best Financial Literacy Apps For Millennials and Young Adults

Young adults often have a tough time managing their money. With so many distractions and responsibilities taking up their time, it can be hard to keep track of your money.

Financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults are one solution that may help you stay in check over your money and how you spend it.

If you are looking for a place to start, check out our info resource on our 11-steps practical guide on how to budget and save money.

Mint is one of the best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults for free
Source: Mint

1. Mint

The first option on our list of best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults is Mint. This app allows users to track their spending and manage their cash flow with ease.

Mint is a personal finance program that will help you aggregate all your financial accounts in one place, create financial goals, and budget your money.

Features on Mint include;

  • Budgeting
  • Investment Tracking
  • Bill Management
  • Custom Categories
  • Tax Reporting
  • Credit Score Monitoring

The app also monitors your credit score free of charge so you can know where you stand financially before applying for loans or other financial services from banks or lenders.

Mint is mainly a budgeting and expense tracking app that will help you plan your finances in an easy-to-use interface.

Mint downloads your transactions and categorizes them automatically on predefined categories.

Mint will also help track and manage your financial goals. Goals such as paying off your credit card are easy to set up and reflect on your monthly budget.

Finally, Mint allows you to set up alerts. To help you stay on top of your bills and avoid overspending on particular categories, Mint will send you warning alerts.

2. Acorns App

The second option on our best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults is Acorns. This app is a great option for those who are interested in investing but don’t have enough money to invest on their own.

Acorns is one of the most diverse investment apps that will help you save your money and invest in its diverse options of stocks and bonds.

Acorns couples up as a micro-investing and micro-saving app, and a fully-fledged robo-advisor platform.

As you spend money as you normally do, Acorns will take out some spare change and put it into savings.

As your savings increase, they are then moved to an investment account. With as little as $5 and with the help of robo-advisor, Acorns creates a fully diversified investment portfolio for you. Oh, the portfolio is also fully managed for you.

Acorns is a great financial literacy app for millennials and young adults that you could use to make investments as you spend.

3. Let’s Talk Money Podcast

The third best financial literacy app for millennials and young adults that we’re recommending you check out is the “Let’s Talk Money” podcast.

This weekly show, hosted by Dave Ramsey, provides its listeners with valuable information about personal finance topics like debt management strategies, managing your credit score, saving up for emergencies, and more!

Dave Ramsey is a renowned personal finance expert who hosts a radio talk show and has written extensively on personal finance.

4. Mvelopes

The fourth best financial literacy app for millennials and young adults, which you should check out is Mvelopes.

If you want to start budgeting your finances but creating a budget from scratch feels daunting to you, the Mvelopes app is a must-check.

Mvelopes is a budgeting app that uses the traditional budgeting technique to help you manage your budget and income. It uses digital envelopes instead of traditional envelopes.

With this budgeting app, millennials and young adults can;

  • Take control of how they spend their money
  • Discover more ways of saving your money
  • Help you to approach spending consciously by discovering money-hoggin categories that are unnecessary.

5. Zogo

The sixth best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults to check out is Zogo. Zogo is a personal finance management tool that helps you track your spending, set goals, and more.

Zogo is the perfect financial literacy app for millennials because it’s easy to use with a simplistic design that will appeal to people of all ages.

6. Money Coach Pro

The seventh-best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults worth exploring is Money Coach Pro. Money coach pro can help also help you loop your children in learning about money by providing them with games to learn how finances work.

Money Coach Pro also offers goal tracking, budgeting tools, and more to make expense tracking, budgeting, and paying bills easier for you.

7. Rooster Money

Eighth on our list of best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults is RoosterMoney.

RoosterMoney is a free app that teaches young adults about personal finance and helps them achieve their life goals.

RoosterMoney allows users to create a savings plan, set up a budget, check accounts for low balance, among other features.

One of the best features of RoosterMoney is the allowance manager, which allows parents to create an allowance for their children so that they can learn how money works.

8. BankSimple

Next on our list of best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults is BankSimple.

The name says it all! It’s a simple way to manage your bank account, even if you have multiple checking accounts or credit cards from different banks.

Best of all, since there are no monthly fees associated with this app, users will save lots in the long run by not having to pay out-of-pocket banking fees every month!

9. Investmate

Investmate is a financial literacy app that helps break down investing jargon into simple language for young adults and millennials. This is a great app for those who don’t know much about investing.

10. LevelMoney

Closing our list of the best financial literacy apps for millennials is called Level Money.

It’s a simple app that gives you an easy way to manage money daily by showing how much cash you have left after taking into account bills, receipts, and planned purchases.

Best of all? This app has no fees or subscriptions associated with it.

LevelMoney allows users to create budgets based on their personal needs – such as travel costs or Christmas presents.

You can even manage your budget together with your partner by linking two accounts. You can still maintain confidentiality by giving you the ability to limit the sharing of information between accounts!

Level Money will also allow users to set up notifications so that they can avoid overspending. The app doesn’t always have a minimum balance requirement or monthly service fees. This means it’s available regardless of your bank account size.


Financial literacy needs more than a single sitting if you plan to streamline your personal finances. It takes time and practice to develop the skills needed for sound financial decisions, so it’s important to take advantage of any opportunity you have to learn more about your money.

Whether you’re dealing with credit card debt or considering investing in stocks, there are many apps out there that will help teach you what it means to live financially healthy. This list of the ten best financial literacy apps for millennials and young adults offers you the best resources for personal finances. From budgeting templates and spending trackers all the way up through to podcasts and lessons on personal finance topics like taxes or saving for retirement. We hope this list has helped narrow down some options for where you might want to start exploring when looking at ways to improve your finances!