Best budgeting apps for couples in 2021: 14 of the best budgeting apps that are helpful for couples

Top 14 Best Budgeting Apps for Couples in 2021

Are you looking for a solution to help you and your partner get better at budgeting your finances?

Cracking the financial management nut is hard for many couples, and many factors come into play when your budgeting priorities are different from your partner’s.

Whether you want to budget individually or together, budgeting apps for couples have come a long way for the last couple of years to helping couples achieve their financial goals together. They are a great tool that helps in budgeting and saving for couples.

Among the hundreds of apps out there that purport to help couples budget their finances, here are our top pics of 14 budgeting apps for couples that actually get the work done.

1.    EveryDollar

Price: Free. The Premium version costs $129.99 annually.

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

Created by the financial guru Dave Ramsey, this app is best for you if you and your partner are a fan of Dave Ramsey’s Zero-based budgeting method. 

EveryDollar allows you to group budget items and plan your goals. If you are already using a budgeting system, you can customize the budgeting template to fit your needs.

With the free version, you can;

  • Create as many budgets as you need
  • Track your transactions and compare them with your budget
  • Reach out to support through email

For the premium version, you can;

  • Connect to your bank account
  • View your bank account balance
  • Reach support via calls, and also receive coaching calls

For the premium Ramsey Plus version, you won’t have to see any distracting ads, and the app will sync with your bank account automatically.

The premium version will also get you access to Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

If you need extra help with your budgeting, the “Local Providers” feature allows you to find experts that can help you reach your goals in your local area.

To use the app, you need to input your expected monthly income and expenses. Every time you use money, you will create a transaction to account for it in the budget. 

The EveryDollar app allows you to track your budget, so you can make the necessary adjustments and avoid spending more than your income.

To have a clear image of how you use your money, you will need to input every expense you incur on the app.

While couples love it for different reasons, the overall user experience makes it top of the best budgeting apps for couples. 

2.    GoodBudget

Price: Free. Premium version costs $7 monthly or $60 annually.

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

GoodBudget, which was known previously as the Easy Envelope Budget Aid, is one of the best budgeting apps for couples who prefer using the cash envelope method of budgeting.

The cash envelope method is where you have a set of envelopes for various category needs, and you allocate cash to each envelope from your budget.

You can then spend money out of a specific envelope. This method is not only helpful in tracking your expenses but also allows you to plan your spending.

GoodBudget uses software to replicate the envelope budgeting method digitally. For various categories such as food, household, beauty, etc., GoodBudget uses virtual envelopes. 

With the free version;

  • You can create up to 10 regular envelopes
  • 10 other envelopes
  • Have 1 account synced to up to 2 devices
  • Up to 1 year(s) of history
  • Track your debt
  • Access community support

“Regular” envelopes allow you to track regular monthly expenses such as gas, groceries, rent, etc.

“More” envelopes help you track irregular expenses such as car insurance. More envelopes are also suitable for planning for seasonal expenses such as buying a new car and easter and Christmas shopping.

With the premium version;

  • Create unlimited envelopes
  • Create unlimited accounts
  • Use the app on up to 5 devices
  • Access up to 7 years of history
  • Track your debts
  • Access support via email

The free and premium versions of the GoodBudget app allow you to access a debt tracking feature that shows your progress on repaying student loans and credit card debts.

Also, the GoodBudget app syncs with your partner’s phone, so you can both track your expenses together.

You can only update your envelopes manually on GoodBudget. When making purchases or uploading your transaction history, you will need to update your envelopes manually.

GoodBudget does not sync to your bank account, and you can’t, therefore, track your expenses in real-time.

3.    Honeydue

Price: Free. Honeydue allows you to pay them whatever amount you want, including $0.

Accessible on: 

– Android

– iPhone

Honeydue is one of the mention-worthy free budgeting apps for couples that allow you to associate your bank account, credit cards, and loans to the app.

Honeydue is used in over five countries (US, UK, Spain, Canada, and France) and supports more than 20,000 financial institutions.

It’s one of the best budgeting apps for couples who don’t have joint bank accounts as it allows you to bring all records of accounts and debts together. 

Transactions sync automatically and are put into pre-configured categories such as travel, food and drink, shopping, etc. This way, you can track ordinary expenses even from separate accounts to know who paid for a particular expense.

You can then assign a spending limit to every category. The app will alert you when you reach 75% of the limit or exhaust it.

While you can track expenses together with your partner, Honeydue offers some restrictions on expenses that you don’t want your partner to see.

You can choose to show all the details for a transaction, or you can select a basic view known as “balance only.” This is a great feature, especially if you plan to surprise your partner with a gift or a vacation.

In addition to tracking the bank account balances, Honeydue automatically tracks credit card expenses and loans.

You will also love the bill reminders feature, where you enter all your normal bills such as your rent, mortgage, car insurance, etc.

The app gives you a snapshot of the forthcoming bills. This feature is helpful as it may save you from using up all your money on other needs.

Honeydue also has an instant messaging feature that allows you to query transactions with your partner. You can even send emojis with this feature and have all of your money discussions in one place.

4.    Honeyfi

Price: Free for 30 days, then $59.99 annually

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

Honeyfi is a couple’s finance app for those who are not acquainted with budgeting or those who want to achieve their financial goal (such as saving for a home, wedding, car, etc.)

Since the app syncs with over 10,000 financial institutions in the US alone, you can expect automatic updates for any transactions on your accounts.

You can link all of your accounts, track your expenses and credit card balances, and much more on the app. 

Honeyfi allows you to set up alerts on your transactions and put comments on transactions. That way, you can engage your partner about expenses in a non-confrontational way.

You can also set alerts for forthcoming bills, set spending rules, or even authorize the app to pull a certain percentage of your money from your checking accounts every month.

Honeyfi allows you to;

  • Tag transactions as “yours, ours, or mine.”
  • Comment on transactions you make.
  • Automatically categorize transactions that you make.
  • Build a custom household budget based on your spending patterns.
  • Chat about money.
  • Track expenses between you two.

Honeyfi is similar to Honeydue as it allows you to choose what you share with your partner.

You can limit what your spouse will see on the account. You can edit what your spouse sees on the transactions you make. You can also edit visibility for your account.

5.    Mint by Intuit

Mint is one of the best free budgeting apps for couples

Price: Free

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

– iPad

– Apple Watch

– Windows

With more than 20 million users out there, Mint is one of the best budgeting apps for couples, for a good reason.

A product of Intuit (the company behind Quick Books and Turbo Tax), Mint is a free budgeting app made to help you run your budget.

Like other apps, Mint brings your bank balance, credit score, credit card balances, and more of your finances together in one place. 

Mint will also remind you of your upcoming bills so you can stay on top of your expenses on time. The app will also notify you when your accounts go low.

Mint is particularly popular at categorizing your expenses automatically based on where you spend the money. 

The budgeting feature also recommends a budget based on your past spending patterns. You can adjust or even customize the recommended budget to suit your budgeting needs fully.

It’s, therefore, one of the best budget apps for couples who want to budget passively. It also allows you to set and track your financial goals.

Why Mint is not an excellent budgeting app for couples

  • The app is free and often feels cluttered with all the ads on display.
  • The app does not allow you to link accounts with your partners. You can only create an account together, and you may end up losing your financial history if you had your account.

Mint is a cloud-based budget app that allows you to access your budget from either an app or a browser.

You can even set alerts on your email or phone using different criteria that you put in place. 

For example, you could set up an alert to come to you or your spouse if a category goes above budget.

You will also receive weekly summary reports to track your budgeting progress.

However, it’s still a great budgeting app for couples who want to get started on achieving their financial goals. 

6.    Mvelopes

Price: Basic 60-day free trial then tiered plans at $5.97/ month, $9.97/ month, $19.97/ month

Accessibility on:

– Android

– iPhone

Mvelopes is a paid budgeting app for couples that uses the cash envelope budgeting system. You link your accounts and create envelopes for the different categories on your budget.

Mvelopes offers real-time budgeting through its sync feature that updates all your financial accounts automatically.

The automatic sync is an impressive feature that helps you manage your expenses. 

The cash envelope system used by Mvelopes is an effective couple’s budgeting system as you can tell how much you have to spend for every category on your budget.

For the three different pricing plans;

  • Mvelopes Basic allows you to create your budget, access live chat support, get interactive reports, and monitor your accounts.
  • Mvelopes Premier includes all the Basic features and adds features such as debt reduction tools, and gives you access to the Mvelopes Learning Center. 
  • Mvelopes Plus gets you all the basic and premier features and extra features such as a personalized financial plan and sessions with a money coach every four months.

7.    Qube Money

Price: Free

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

Like GoodBudget and Mvelopes, Qube Money also uses the cash envelope budgeting method to budget and manage your money.

It’s among the best budgeting apps for couples as you not only save money but also get a clear outline of the categories that take more of your money.

The app also notifies you about your partner’s spending in a particular category and how much is left.

  • First, you have to assign the role of primary manager to one of you while creating accounts in Qube Money.
  • The primary user sends an invite to the other partner to join his/her account. Once you join, both of you will see the same shared information.
  • Each one of you will also receive a card to use with the app so that you don’t have to carry cash around. Every time you make a purchase, the card debits money from the category you spend.
  • You can also create your categories (also known as “qubes”) and then deposit money into each of the qubes you create.
  • As you transfer money to each qube, the app will tell you how much money is left in the overall qube to move to other qubes.

One of the reasons why Qube Money ranks among the best budgeting apps for couples is that you can use it to make online transactions.

Your Qube account also comes with an account number and routing number for your system to enable online purchases.

Qube Money is convenient for daily use. There’s no need to carry cash around

8.    Personal Capital

Personal capital works both as a budgeting app for couples or as a budgeting app for individuals

Price: Free for budgeting services, extra costs on wealth management services

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

Personal Capital is hands down taking the lead for all the best free budgeting apps for couples out there.

While it’s not as robust as other couple’s budgeting apps can be, Personal Capital gives you a glimpse of your cash flow and financial status to help you manage your money effectively.

It’s not an outright budgeting app, but you can use it in more meaningful ways than just budgeting your finances. Still, it comes with a decent budgeting tool that couples can use.

Personal Capital gives you a complete outlook of your money as a couple as it pulls all your investment information, bank accounts, and credit cards to give you a view of the bigger picture of your financial goals.

This app allows you to monitor your overall financial wellness as a couple as you can see your separate and joint accounts, as well as your individual and joint retirement accounts.

With all of this information available for you to see, you are in a better position to make financial decisions as a couple.

The app comes with a free feature that analyzes the retirement account fees you are incurring. The feature also helps you find better ways of investing.

One of the shortcomings of this couple’s finance app is that it doesn’t allow you to create a monthly plan for your money.

However, at an extra cost, this app can help you get a session with financial advisors.

Besides connecting your 401(K)s, IRAs, and using the retirement planner, the app allows you to create hypothetical financial scenarios to see how a financial decision will impact your current financial state.

Personal Capital is not an ideal app among other apps for budgeting couples. However, it functions best as a tool for monitoring investments and planning for your financial goals.

9.    Pocket Guard

Price: Free. The premium version is $4.99 monthly or $34.99 annually

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

As its name aptly suggests, PocketGuard is a budgeting app whose aim is to help you avoid overspending your money.

PocketGuard is a great budgeting app for couples that syncs all your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and loans in one place for easy viewing and financial planning

PocketGuard builds a budget for you automatically using your income, recurring bills, and the set financial goals.

The “in my pocket” feature on this budgeting app lets you know how much you can save after covering your other financial obligations.

It also digs your expenses to check for saving gaps and ways that can help you improve your finances

PocketGuard updates your spending into categories automatically. Categorizing is crucial in helping you see areas in your budgeting that need your focus.

Besides categorization, PocketGuard allows you to add hashtags for further descriptions, as well as set limits on spending.

The spending limit feature is great as it helps you know if you are overspending on that category. The notifications are helpful, and you can use them to improve your spending habits.

PocketGuard also has an autosave feature that lets you transfer money from your linked accounts into a non-interest-bearing account. This helps achieve your financial goals.

Upon exporting your transactions, PocketGuard lets you create spreadsheets of your spending history and make graphs to visualize your spending trends.

The bill tracking feature allows you to set up reminders for oncoming payments. You also get access to an educational blog that helps you learn more about financial management as a couple.

The “cancel your subscription” feature is also helpful in recommending subscriptions that you can cancel to save money. This feature includes directions on how to cancel each subscription.

PocketGuard is an ideal budgeting app for overspenders who want routine reminders of how much they can spend daily. The app is a sure-fire way to keep a close eye on your spending habits and improve your money habits.

10.  You Need a Budget

YNAB is one of the most reliable budgeting apps for couples on our list of best budgeting apps

 Price: 34 Days free trial. The premium version costs $11.99 monthly or $84 annually

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

You Need a Budget is one of the most common budgeting apps for couples out there. For the fans of Dave Ramsey, this app uses the zero-based budgeting method, with a keen interest in getting out of debt and saving money.

This budgeting method allows you to choose where every dollar is allocated as per your priorities.

Assigning every dollar to a category is essential as it helps you account for all your money and add detail to your planning.

Rather than going for a date night and pulling money straight from your checking account, you will refer to your “Eat Out” category on YNAB to see if you have enough money.

This is a great couple’s budgeting app that identifies areas where you are overspending and suggests ways that can help you adjust. It also makes recommendations based on your saving goals.

YNAB is accessible from nearly all devices, and you have no excuse for pulling out your budget in any situation.

Unlike other apps that only indicate where you spent your money, YNAB will help you decide where you spend your money actively.

YNAB is also a personal favorite among budgeting apps for couples for its features and input in helping you see your actual net worth.

Its goal is to help you get to a point where your budget is taken care of by the money you earned the previous month.

With such a plan, you get to at least build a minimum emergency fund for one month.

YNAB also provides support to users, and you get access to the YNAB educational material in the form of videos, podcasts, and webinars for an extra $7 a month.

Otherwise, there are hundreds of free live online workshops offered by expert teachers.

YNAB pricing is on the higher end compared to other budget apps for couples. You’ll still save about $60 by paying for the annual plan compared to the monthly plan.

There’s a learning curve to using YNAB, but you also get a budgeting app that is innovative and helpful for people who are serious about taking control of their finances.

11.  Zeta

Price: Free

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

Touted as an app specifically made for budgeting couples, Zeta allows you to control what is shared with your partner.

Zeta is a multiplatform budgeting app for couples that supports both web and mobile use. Even with the free version, you can set your financial goals and track the progress even when you choose to keep your finances separate.

You can link bank accounts, enable automatic updates of transactions, or update your transactions to the app manually. You also get notifications when you’ve nearly spent 80% of your monthly budget.

The “Tasks” feature is crucial in managing your money as it reminds you of upcoming bills while syncing you and your partner and notifying you of transactions you should review.

You can customize the app based on how you and your partner merge your finances.

You also get free couple’s money coaching and budget tips. You can also keep a financial to-do list on the Zeta budgeting app.

Zeta can show who paid for particular expenses and tag your partner when a specific bill is due. This is a prime feature on Zeta that works well for couples with separate finances.

You can share your finances with your partner, track your overall net worth, review your monthly spending, create shares or individual budgets, track custom individual or shared expenses, and manage what your partner sees.

There is also a memo feature that allows you to ask questions or keep notes regarding a particular transaction.

12.  Stash

Price: $1, $3, or $9 per month

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

Like other budgeting apps for couples, Stash helps you pay your bills and achieve your saving goals while tracking your spending.

After installing the app on your smartphone, the app prompts you to answer a few questions that help share insight into your financial goals.

You’ll then pick a plan, transfer funds into your Stash account, and start tracking your budgeting and saving goals.

13.  Home Budget

Price: free, $4.99, $19.99

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

As the name sounds, Home Budget is one of the best budgeting apps for couples who want to have the whole family involved in budgeting.

The Home Budget app allows you to track all your income, bills, and expenses for effective budgeting.

The app allows for multiple accounts, and you can invite other people in your household to ensure that all your income and expenses are in one place.

With graphs and charts, HomeBudget allows you to track your expenses visually and see potential saving areas.

You can also add or delete categories based on your needs and customize the app as much as you want. You can even create sub-categories under categories.

The calendar support is excellent as you can see a list-view of all bills and the dates with a helpful bill reminder alert to help you stay ahead of due dates.

14.  Tiller Money

Tiller Money features on our list of best budgeting app for couples

Price: 30 days free trial then $79 per year.

Accessible on:

– Android

– iPhone

Tiller Money is a great budgeting app for couples that allows for easy collaboration between you and your partner.

Unlike other budgeting apps for couples, Tiller Money updates your daily finances to a spreadsheet so that you can see how your financial management efforts look.

Tiller Money allows you to have all of your money in one place. You can link your bank accounts, credit cards to Google Sheets.

The app will then give you;

  • A custom dashboard
  • Monthly and yearly budgets
  • Free templates and reports to track your savings goals, debt, net worth, and more

Other perks for using Tiller Money as your choice budgeting app include;

  • Daily account summaries
  • Daily account summaries and weekly webinars

Frequently Asked Questions about Budgeting Apps for Couples

  1. What Should You Look for In Budgeting Apps for Couples?

Unlike generic finance apps and software, great budgeting apps for couples should have “sharing” on most features.

Budgeting apps for couples should also allow automatic sync between devices to enable easy tracking of finances and budgets.

Syncing is best if it happens in real-time and is a necessary feature across multiple devices.

The budgeting app of choice should also be available for use on different devices. If one of you uses an Apple device and the other an Android device, you need an app that can work on both operating systems. You may also want an app that offers cloud support and access on desktop devices.

Cloud support gives you peace of mind if you lose your data and budgeting progress and want to get it back.

Check out budgeting apps that allow you to create/ customize categories.

Also, apps that link to your accounts and directly download transactions give you an upper hand in tracking and managing your expenses.

Final Thoughts

These budgeting apps for couples will make it easy for you to co-manage your money with your partner and household.

Think of how your budgeting app will work for you. What features are a must-have for you? Will the app allow you to link your bank, credit card accounts, and other financial details?

Will it be okay if the app shows you ads, or do you prefer an app with zero distractions? If you will purchase a budgeting app, how much are you willing to spend?

These questions will help you have an idea of the best budgeting app for you. Paid accounts allow you to have a free trial account first. You can test out several budgeting apps to know what works best for you and your partner.