About HomeIncomeGenius

Want to know More about HomeIncomeGenius?

About HomeIncomeGenius

What would you do if you got everything you need to start an online business from scratch?

About HomeIncomeGenius

If you could get some ideas from us on how to start an online blogging business,

get hooked with the right execution strategy,

and know what you need to make this “dream a reality,”

would you try it out?

Chances are, you landed on our homepage first before coming to wanting to know more about HomeIncomeGenius and this is very special to us…because we want you to know all about us!

You might have caught wind of a trend… an interesting trend where people are making money working online from home and you want to jump in…

You no longer doubt that making money online works, and you understand that this just might be the game changer you’ve been seeking.

However, in a sense, you don’t know where to start and you want to know everything about creating, setting up, and growing a work-from-home business.

You’ve been doing research about working online from home… you may have even tried several ways of doing it…but so far, nothing meaningful has come out of it.

See, this is a problem that most people face when starting out.

Actually, it often feels like everyone seems to know how making money online happens,

except you…

Even worse, those who know are either too mean to share the real deal, or they just want to take advantage of you…

and scam you out before you even get in.

About Samuel Mutahi

My name is Samuel Mutahi the guy behind this blog, and I believe that everyone can make money online, as long as they are well equipped with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to create a successful business online.

I’ve been on the online bandwagon for more than six years now, and I’ve tried everything that comes with a “make money online working from home,” tag on it. From MLMs, to transcription to content writing, to affiliate marketing, to course creation…you name it. Been there, done that.

I therefore understand. I know that trying to build an online business from home can be tough for you. As tough as you may have already experienced.

The thing is, its always like that when transitioning to new spaces and opportunities.

Things often start off in a low, fuzzy state- and then get clearer as you progress.

That’s where HomeIncomeGenius comes in…

About HomeIncomeGenius: This website aims to provide you with the best, most trustworthy information that you could ever find on how to start out and create a successful work-from-home business.

On our resources, you will find a fully-stocked vault with information on how to start an online business from scratch. Good thing is, we even go to the details of sharing on different types of online businesses that you can start from home.

Our mandate doesn’t stop there. Not only do we share resources on how to start a successfull business, we also share on how to market yourself so that you can get clients and customers who are willing to pay you for your value, not just your time.

Even better, we scour through the internet to find the best tools and resources that you could use to automate your online business, so that you can experience success while doing what you love.

In short, here at HomeIncomeGenius, you can fast track your way from a complete newbie to a successful online entrepreneur with our numerous info-resources.

Our blogging business category has everything you need to set up a work-from-home business from scratch, the proper way.

Our Social Media Marketing category has everything that you need to know how to market your business on social media.

Our Review section has genuine reviews on tools and resources that may help you automate your online business. Here’s an interesting article on why automating processes for your online business is important.

Please note!

This website doesn’t purport to sell bliss or comfort to you. All we’ve done is to carefully develop and curate content that we know, will help you build your online business from home and make money.

We’re also not looking to turn you into an online hustler. Rather, I’m here to help you know that you can either choose to be a hustler online, who trades time for a few bucks,

Or you can be a highly valued entrepreneur who sells their services like a real business.

  • Working online as a business owner produces far better results than operating gigs like a hustler,
  • It opens up doors to a better and more fulfilling career,
  • Cuts you the slack of not knowing how tomorrow will be,
  • It gives you a roadmap to creating a business that sustains you,

Without you having to lose the time and financial freedom that every other online business owner enjoys.


If you hate being broke,

You love the idea of running an online business from home,

And you want to do things differently so you don’t have to live from hand to mouth,

This can be home for you.


We are not selling information,

Neither are we making you buy a $1099 course on how to turn rain into money…

We just want you to know that there is hope for everyone struggling to work from home online…

And you don’t have to live for poor payments and hourlies for your high valued service.

Our Ask

Only two things do we invite you to do.

  1. Join the stealth mode– The inner circle where We share some of the most important tips, and occasional free minicourses.
  1. Check out our start here page and see how we’ve helped hundreds of people start a work from home business and thrive like geniuses. Click here!


Fellow human,

Until the world ends,

Or humanity creates a zombie-pocalypse, let’s build a serious work from home business from scratch.