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Want to start bringing order and sanity to your financial life? Well, if you really want to see a change in how money comes and goes in your life, you are in the right place.

I made lots of unbecoming money decisions in my early twenties- and literally had to depend on friends to keep me going. I couldn’t feed myself, got thrown out so many times that I lost count, and I had to live with friends for more than three years.

My inner man was wounded deep by my financial woes, and no matter how I tried staying above the tide, it felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into my money problems.

I found it hard to live as I couldn’t get the things I needed. I couldn’t buy myself a nice pair of shoes or have an extra pair of pants to wear. All day, every day, for three years without giving up, I worked to regain control of my financial life.

It always feels surreal when I see money coming in daily- and because of what I went through some time back- I couldn’t be more grateful for where I am now.

My main focus on this blog is to help young people like you gain a firm grip over their finances. It’s gut-wrenching when you are young, ambitious, and money seems to elude you. 

It’s okay to make a few young, foolish money mistakes, but you don’t have to live the rest of your life condemned by your youth.

There are tons of ways that you can take back the reins on your financial life and live on without feeling judged for the rest of your life.

If it’s debt, I’ll share with you ways that can help you become debt-free. We’ll work on a combination of action points that will help you create successful money habits, pay up all your debt, and continue to enjoy life with a decent income to live on and provide for yourself and your family the way you’ve always wanted.

From ways that you can make extra income, build a side hustle business that grows into your full-time business, methods of investing your money so that you can earn more revenue- it’s all part of the package.

Budgeting is an integral part of gaining control over your finances. It feels not-so-good at first, but as you start seeing results in your debts decreasing and your savings increasing, you get the motivation to stay on track.

I will share how budgeting worked for me and how I created a budgeting habit that helped me repay my debts and grow my savings. I will also share some of the budgeting apps that allow you to budget on the go. You can also check out my resource library for printables that will help you budget.

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If you could get some ideas from us on how to start your journey of living a financially sound life,

get hooked with the right execution strategy,

and know what you need to make this “dream” of achieving financial balance a reality…

would you give yourself a chance?

Chances are, you landed on our homepage first before coming here to learn more about HomeIncomeGenius and this is very special to us…because we want you to know all about us!

You might have caught wind of a trend… an interesting trend where;

  • People are finally taking charge of their relationship with money,
  • They’ve started their journey to financial freedom,
  • They are starting to see more opportunities to make more money and keep more money,

You are tired of experiencing lack, struggling to take care of your needs, and wishing a time would come when things turn for the better.

However, in a sense, you don’t know where to start and you want to know everything about being in charge- the real type of being in charge- where you have money serve you, in abundance, and free of debt.

You’ve been doing research about ways to break free from the shackles of financial chaos… you may have even tried several ways of doing it…but so far, nothing meaningful has come out of it.

See, this is a problem that most people face when starting out.

Actually, it often feels like everyone seems to have it all in control,

except you…

Even worse, it feels like those who know how to manage their finances are either too mean to share the real deal, or they just want to take advantage of you…

and scam you out before you even get in.

About Samuel Mutahi

Sam Mutahi is the owner of HomeIncomeGenius, a prolific finance writer, and husband

My name is Samuel Mutahi the guy behind this blog, and I believe that everyone can master their money, as long as they are well equipped with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to create successful money habits.

I’ve been on the adulting bandwagon for quite a long while now, and I know how it feels to crave controlling the money that comes and goes in your life.

I’ve tried hundreds of money habits that promised to finally help me bring sanity to my financial life- and while a handful of these “secrets” are helpful, most of them are just a waste of time.

I therefore understand. I know that trying to build successful money habits can be tough for anyone. As tough as you may have already experienced.

Things often start off in a low, fuzzy state- and then get clearer as you progress.

That’s where HomeIncomeGenius comes in…

About HomeIncomeGenius: This website aims to provide you with the best, most trustworthy information that you could ever find on how to make money, save money, get off debt, build wealth, and gain successful money habits.

On our resources, you will find a fully-stocked vault with information on how to make money, manage your money, budget your income, come out of debt, and more. Good thing is, we even go to the details of sharing on different types of online businesses that you can start from home.

Even better, we scour through the internet to find the best tools and resources that you could use to automate your money management and budgeting so that you can quickly establish money habits and start reaping the benefits.

In short, here at HomeIncomeGenius, you can fast-track your way from a complete financial wreck to a successful money master with our numerous info-resources.

Our make money category has everything you need to start making money with many work from home jobs.

Our Save Money category has everything that you need to know how to save more of your hard earned cash and see it accumulate and turn into wealth.

Our Tools and Resources Category category reviews helpful tools and resources that are instrumental in your journey to becoming financially liberated.

If you hate being broke,

You love the idea of being a master of your future,

And you want to do things differently so you don’t have to live from hand to mouth,

This can be home for you.


Fellow human,

Until the world ends, or humanity creates a zombie-pocalypse, let’s strive to establish healthy financial habits so you don’t have to worry about your future!