Simple YouTube Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

5 Simple YouTube Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic

A great Youtube marketing strategy is one of the best and easiest secrets to drive traffic to your blog. YouTube is known worldwide as a video streaming platform, where people can watch video content of their choice. This content varies from lifestyle videos, educational videos, fitness videos, tv shows, to product reviews. This makes Youtube a perfect platform for connecting business owners with their audience while sharing valuable information. 

With a few techniques in place, Youtube can be a perfect avenue to use to drive traffic to your business blog.

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Why Use YouTube Marketing

  •  YouTube receives multiple views every day.

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform in the world. It has over 1.9 billion viewers logged in every month, reaching tons of people globally. 

  • YouTube is the second most visited search engine. 

People use it to search for a variety of content to meet their needs. YouTube videos also appear on other search engines. As such, your content can be seen in multiple search engines.

  • YouTube reaches people of all ages. 

Most of YouTube users are within the age bracket of 18-50 years. This, however, does not mean that people of other ages are not present. Understanding the age groups on youtube can help you know if your target market is on Youtube.

  • YouTube allows you to bond with your audience.

People enjoy watching videos online as compared to reading through content. This explains why YouTube has more than 1 billion people spending hours and hours watching videos.

People are locked on YouTube videos because they can connect with the content creators. Seeing your face or hearing your voice creates trust and confidence in your audience much more than written texts do.

  • YouTube is a gold mine for traffic generation.

As there are multiple users on Youtube, you are certain to find an audience within your niche. The quality of the traffic you drive is what translates to the number of visitors who visit your business blog. Thus, when driving traffic to your site, quality matters over quantity. 

The videos you have are what will stir up your viewers, directing them to your site, This increases the conversion rates.  

Practical Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel for More Traffic

1. Create Videos To Supplement Your Blog Posts

Youtube in its entirety is a publishing platform where video content is shared. Without frequently updating content on your channel, your YouTube marketing strategy to drive traffic will not meet its purpose. 

With this in mind, the first thing to do is to create content. Start by creating videos for the articles that you have. Share the main points/ideas in a way that your audience will understand easily. Keep your video short and to the point. This will keep your viewers interested and engaged to the end of the video.

Since the intention of creating the videos is to supplement your blog posts, it is best to refrain from reading the entire blog post to your viewers. While this is not wrong, it reduces your opportunity to direct your viewers to your blog. 

If you are uncertain on how to make the videos, you use a video creation app to create and edit your videos. Some apps have exciting elements such as ready to go templates, stock free images, transitions and even subtitles. 

2. Optimize Your YouTube Profile

While Youtube is a search engine, its rankings are not quite identifiable as it is highly personalized. However, you can take advantage of google rankings since they are a bit predictable. This means, ensuring that your youtube marketing strategy involves the creation of helpful videos that rank well in Google search results- and increase the chances of your video being found. 

To make the most out of this:

  • Identify your keyword
    As you may have already written out your blog posts, you already know what your keyword is. If you have not, you can start by researching keywords for the topics you have in mind. Check if there are any similar terms, and set your maximum keyword difficulty. Once done, select the keyword that will go along with your video. 
  • Use your keyword(s) on your video page
    With your keyword ready, the next step is to optimize your channel’s video page. Craft up an eye-catching title inclusive of your keyword. Add your targeted keyword in your video description to make the most of the description box. 

Your YouTube marketing strategy should also involve the use of keywords as a tag. The first 3 tags are usually visible above the title. Ensure you include the #(hashtag) when updating your tags.

  • Add your video’s link in your article

Once your video is up, share the link to your video as a text link on your article. Adding the link will help your video page rank better on Google search. You can also embed your video in your article.

3. Add Links In Your Videos

The purpose of creating a YouTube marketing strategy is to direct your viewers to your business blog’s content. With this in mind, it is important to link your article’s link in the videos. 

In your YouTube videos, you can add the link to your blog in :

  • The description box

With every video you upload, a description section is provided. The video description has 5000 characters maximum. However, only the first 150 characters are visible without having to click on more. 

When uploading the links to your article, ensure it is clickable and directs the viewer to the specific page you want to drive lead them to.

  • Pinned comments

    Pinned comments allow video creators to pin their comment so that it is always at the top. It is important to ensure that your clickable link is visible in your pinned comment when you are signed out of YouTube.

For better efficiency in driving traffic to your blog, it is best to share the specific link to the article which is in line with the video you have created instead of directing traffic to your homepage. 

4. Have a Call to Action

A call-to-action is simply giving your viewers direction on what you would like them to do, how they should do it and why they should do it. Often when creating a video, content creators assume that the viewer knows what you expect of them. This assumption in one way or another reduces the chances of drawing traffic.

For an effective YouTube marketing strategy, a call-to-action is crucial in leading viewers from your videos to your blog. The aim of having a CTA is to communicate with your viewers, and why they should consider visiting your blog. It also helps them understand the action you want them to take, and how they should do it. The more captivating your CTA is the more traffic you will be able to drive to your site. 

For instance, say your video explains to the viewer how to create an invoice. You can tell the viewer about your blog post that covers in detail, the top ten best rated invoicing apps. Let your viewer know that the link to that particular blog post is in the description box and all they need to do is to click the link.

This will trigger curiosity in the viewer, prompting them to visit the shared link to know more.

5. Keep Track of Your Progress

Keeping track of your progress is an essential part of any YouTube marketing strategy. This helps you evaluate your strategy by looking at what is working and where you need to direct your efforts more. 

Youtube provides the option to view your statistics. This information is available under ” Content” link. Here you can filter your videos by views. For instance, you can choose to see the videos with the most views. 

Apart from the number of views, you can use these statistics to determine what your video traffic sources are. This will also give you information on which keywords have been driving more views from your youtube search.

Youtube statistics does not necessarily tell you about the traffic your site is receiving from youtube. however, it will help you know which kind of content is being received well and if your videos are driving traffic from google search.


Creating videos on Youtube is a great way to drive traffic to your business blog. The videos you create are entirely to support and supplement your blog posts. As such, it is important to keep them short, concise, and to the point. 

The best way to make the most out of youtube is to have a simple, yet clear YouTube marketing strategy. Start by creating videos that highlight the main points in your blog posts. Including a call-to-action in your video tells your viewers what to do, how to do it, and why. This is key, especially when you aim to drive traffic. 

Your blog post link is equally important. You can add it in your video’s description box or the pinned comments. It is essential to add a clickable link that directs the viewers to the specific page you want them to view. 

Since there are thousands of videos on YouTube, it is good to optimize your profile and take advantage of google’s video search results to ensure your videos are discovered with more ease and reach a wider audience. Be patient and keep evaluating your YT marketing strategy to see where you can make changes for the better.

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