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Are You Ready to Overcome Debt, Save More Money, Spend on Things You Love, and Start a Solid Work From Home Biz?

Hey, I’m Sam,

And I help online entrepreneurs and freelancers crash their money goals by making more money and taking control of their finances.

I’m a twenty-something year old guy who is passionate about living a debt-free life and making enough money to have what I want in life.

I now enjoy making money online, and helping people just like you, discover new ways of working from home, making money, and saving money.

Create money Solutions
Live Stress-Free

Because we believe in enjoying life and not giving up on doing the things we love. All we aim to do is help you keep more of your money, and build a comfortable “moneybed.”

So you NEVER WORRY about getting broke

I Know The Feeling...

I know how it feels to desperately want more money coming to you every month.

I know how that silent hope of one day taking care of your needs without foregoing something you really wanted feels like.

I know how it feels to start an online side hustle without knowing where you want to start.

I know how bad you want to be in control of your personal finances!

Here at HomeIncomeGenius I’ll share the best tips on how to make more money, save more money, and manage more money- so you can have enough money to spend  and enjoy without having to worry about it.

Join me, and help us turn your life and money into an incredible journey.

Making More Money, Saving More Money, and Spending Money on Things You Love

…is the best feeling ever to all of us.

It’s exciting to have an opportunity to build yourself.

 you get to know how to make smart financial decisions, and still enjoy life with peace of mind.

You don’t want to live on bad debt or worry about money-inconveniences, and that’s why you will enjoy using our resource library to streamline your finances.

Take a look around you,  

Crushing your financial goals and living totally off debt is a choice.

Some people will choose that its okay to be in debt.

But, for you…

I’m sure you are here because you want to go against the tide of working a job that doesn’t give you enough. You are here because you don’t want to wait till you are retired to enjoy life. Because you want to create a SOLID online side hustle that will soon edge out you from that 9-5 that you so much want to unchain yourself from.

Meet Our Team!

Meet our team of experts who will help you make smart money decisions

Hey, I'm Sam Mutahi

Business Owner and Creator of HomeIncomeGenius